Pathfinders are a worldwide organization of young people sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, though young people of any religious persuasion, or none at all, are welcome and encouraged to join the organization.

Our Chula Vista Pathfinder club carries on a long tradition of membership in the worldwide Pathfinder organization.  Membership is open to all boys and girls ages 10 (fifth grade) and up through high school.

Our Pathfinder year begins in September and runs through May, with weekly meetings each Tuesday evening from 6:30pm through 8:30pm in our Church Fellowship Hall.  Registration is open for the first three meetings in September, and again for the first three meetings in January. 
During these weekly meetings, Pathfinders can learn new skills and prepare for many activities, including camping, leadership development, community involvement, and a variety of recreational, artistic, nature, conservation, vocational, and outreach areas.

In addition, we schedule monthly events - usually on weekends - where we can put these newly developed skills and knowledge to the test in a variety of settings including club campouts, area wide gatherings such as Teen Leadership Training, Kite Day, Pathfinder Camporee, Honors Fair, and a variety of Community Service opportunities.

Please feel free to contact one of our leaders if you'd like to learn more about our Chula Vista Pathfinder club.